The RQ Experience

We refer to the process of completing the questionnaire and the coach meeting with one of our coaches as the RQ Experience because we know that answering a series of questions about retirement, work, and your personal life won’t give us all the information we need.

We want to hear, see, and understand your thoughts and feelings about retirement and transition into it. We need more context than a series of questions can provide to truly help you make a better transition. This is important because we believe that there is not a universal, or single best way to retire.

We know that an introvert would define a successful life in retirement differently than an extrovert. Women retire differently than men and that solo-agers have different plans and goals than those with adult children and grandkids. Furthermore, some people enter retirement recently divorced, widowed, or maybe as a caregiver.

We value these differences and know the real breakthroughs in planning for the non-financial aspects of retirement come out in conversation and discussion, not questionnaires and can’t be quantified with a score.

Understanding how to transition your current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors into retirement, gives you objective insight that you can use to enhance your professional and personal relationships, as well as your direction, focus, and choices. 

It is important to point out that The RQ instrument does not evaluate mental health and that there are no bad or unhealthy results. However, we have come to learn that those with a high level of Retirement Intelligence are characterized by a moderate to high level of curiosity, resilience, self-awareness, adaptability, reflectiveness, communicativeness, and optimism.

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