Retirement Intelligence is the new, more comprehensive measure of retirement readiness and the “X” factor that has been missing from traditional planning conversations and decisions.

Until now, individuals and couples, as well as financial advisors, human resource directors, and coaches, haven’t had a tool or proven process to help people understand and plan for the personal aspects of life after work. The RQ profile is a landmark approach to assessing personal retirement readiness and serves as the new narrative for retirement planning, decision making, and transitioning. The RQ Experience:

  • Pinpoints how the emphasis around age and assets, along with other fatal flaws sets people up to fail
  • Explains how a combination of IQ, EQ, SQ, and AQ fosters Retirement Intelligence or RQ
  • Engages you in more powerful questioning to develop a new sense of purpose and identity, and cultivates a more resilient mindset around aging, longevity, and legacy.
  • Provides insight and context for transitioning your current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors into your new retirement reality, while addressing any variations that may arise

Retirement Intelligence is a framework for understanding an individual and not only appreciating their world, but also gaining insights from it in an effort to better prepare them for their retirement transition. The purpose is to make retirement more understandable and meaningful, which can be accomplished by assessing and increasing RQ.

The foundations for this program are rooted in more than a decade of research, discussions, and interviews surrounding common failures, challenges, and missteps in both the retirement decision making process and transition into this next phase of life.  As a result, we have learned that making the best possible transition requires a high level of Retirement Intelligence or Retirement Quotient (RQ).  This is achieved through a combination of knowledge about the transition (IQ), by understanding and managing new and competing thoughts and feelings about it, (EQ), developing a new sense of identity, purpose, and meaning (SQ), and by fostering a resilient mindset around aging, longevity, and legacy (AQ). We express it as:

IQ + EQ + SQ + AQ = RQ
(Intelligence Quotient + Emotional Quotient + Spiritual Quotient + Adversity Quotient = Retirement Quotient)

Retirement Intelligence is much more about one’s mindset and adaptability than a specific score, age, or asset level. In other words, the RQ Profile is a self-portrait that uses personality, preference, behaviors, and expectations to identify personal strengths and areas of focus across a variety of factors known to closely affect the retirement transition and planning for it.

The harsh reality is, most of what people have been told or trained to think about retirement won’t help them make a meaningful transition. In fact, it’s so far off that it can make things worse. Our plan is to change that and give retirement a much more personal look and feel.