How It Works

The RQ Profile is an online, 56 question personal assessment. The tool is used by people to help improve decision making, communication, habits and intentionality around life after work.

Your responses to a set of thoughtfully designed questions reveal insights into your current thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors around key areas of life including work, health, family, friends, and leisure and how these factors may be affected as an individual moves toward retirement.

The RQ Profile scores you in three key areas (1) Retirement Knowledge, (2) Work Life, and (3) Personal Life. The scores are then totaled to provide an overall RQ score. Upon completion of the assessment, you receive a 15-page, personalized report that indicates both areas of preparedness as well as opportunities for growth.

The cost for the RQ assessment is normally $99 but for the month of November it is only $29 and includes access to a special group report discussion. One of the things we want to do around the concept of RQ is foster a sense of community, support, and long-life learning.

During the guided group discussion, you will be able to connect with others and hear first-hand from RQ creator, Robert Laura on the design and use of the program and report. An email with group discussion dates and details will be emailed to you along with a copy of your report once you have completed the assessment.

For best results, we do suggest taking the assessment on a laptop or tablet and using the Chrome browser. Simply click the "Take the assessment" tab above to get started.